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Somalia’s greatest resource has always been its people. Their unbreakable spirit has lifted the country back onto the world stage, and Somalia’s capital city is now rising once again. In 2017, TEDxMogadishu will celebrate the hard work being done by Somalis, for Somalis. Iskaa Wax U Qabso is a call to action for everyone to play a role in shaping the future of Somalia at this critical moment in time. To collaborate, participate, volunteer and help fulfill the dreams of a nation – together. Somalia’s strength, stability and success is in the hands of its people, and we must all Get Involved.

Ahmed Ibrahim


Ahmed Omar Ibrahim (Vision), is a humanitarian who helped launch the #CaawiWalaal (My Brother) campaign alongside a group of young Somalis in the diaspora and back home. It aims help millions of Somali families suffering from the drought and the famine. The initial target of the campaign is to sponsor 500 families living in the drought-affected areas in Somalia, with possibility of increasing in the future if they meet the initial target.

Dr. Lul Mohamed

Pediatric Doctor

Dr. Lul Mohamed serves as head of Pediatrics at Banadir University. She is also the head of the Somali Medical Association Emergency Committee, and has created teams of volunteer doctors that have been dispatched throughout Somalia to sometimes far-flung regions affected by cholera and other health emergencies. This is the first time since the civil war that mobile clinics are serving Somalia’s most vulnerable populations.

Abass Siraji

Minister of Public Works

Abass Siraji is the youngest Minister in Somalia, serving Public Works and Reconstruction. At age 7, he fled Somalia with his family and grew up in the Dadaab refugee camp. He was elected as Student Union Chairman in college, which led him to develop an interest in politics and he successfully defeated the incumbent to become a member of Somalia’s Parliament. Abass has worked both in the private sector and in humanitarian organizations where he has been involved in emergency, recovery and development projects.

Maryan Ahmedey

Makeup Artist

Maryan Ahmedey is Mogadishu’s premier makeup artist who utilizes social media to share her work and change the perceptions of women and beauty in Somalia. She is an entrepreneur who started her own business, and is now in high-demand in Mogadishu.

Dr. Mohamed Yusuf

Director, Medina Hospital

Surgeon Dr. Mohamed Yusuf leads the renowned Medina Hospital in Mogadishu. For over 20 years, the Medina Hospital in Mogadishu has treated the victims of Somalia’s war. With the biggest emergency care facility in the city, Medina serves as a referral hospital for trauma and surgery cases from all over south central Somalia and can admit up to 300 patients at one time. Dr. Yusuf also trains doctors from across Somalia despite lack of advanced equipment.

Nasra Haji Hussain Ibrahim

Mechanic & Youth Advocate

18 year-old Nasra Ibrahim is Somalia’s first female auto mechanic. She has worked multiple jobs to support her family, including as a farmer and gas station attendant. With limited job opportunities, especially for youth, Nasra is breaking down barriers and stereotypes as she works jobs traditionally done only by men.

Abdiweli Waberi


Abdiweli Waberi was born in Gardo and later moved to Garowe to attend East Africa University. He received a diploma in Environmental Science, and at Puntland State University he is 3rd year law alumni. Waberi interned with Puntland Ministry of Justice as field facilitator focusing on issues of gender-based violence and currently he is the chair of African youth and child network for human rights Somali-Team, where he advocate for the rights of youth and children through political change and structural influence.

Nacima Abwaan Qorane


Nacima Qorane is a poet who advocates for Somali unity. She believes there are no borders written in our hearts, and there is no map drawn in our skeleton that divides us.

Malik Abdalla

Al-Shabaab Defector Program

Malik Abdalla helped administer Somalia’s Disengaged Combatants Program for members of Al-Shabaab who put down their guns and surrender to the government, or are captured and complete a prison sentence. The defectors who have gone through the program show enough signs of rehabilitation to be able to go back to their villages and their families, and over 1,800 former terrorists have been able to re-join Somali society, including children.

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Charles X Michel

Food Educator

Charles Michel is currently in Mogadishu working with local chefs, helping to improve hospitality practices through a training curriculum. Charles spends much of his time thinking and speaking about the future of food, and has traveled extensively consulting on experience design. Raised in Colombia, South America, Charles grew up experiencing conflict and left to France to study culinary arts at the age of 18. He has published over a dozen papers in scientific journals on multi-sensory perception. At the intersection of science, art and entrepreneurship, Charles aims to inspire solutions for important challenges in the human/food/environment relationship.

Samira Mohamed Abdiraham

Cheese Maker

Samira Abdiraham was a chef and baker in Sweden, where she learned to make dairy products. Upon returning to Mogadishu, she found limited access to cheese — all imported — and no butter. Samira has since become Somalia’s first cheese maker, while also providing butter and heavy cream to local restaurants. She works with local farmers to source the milk and has built a small production facility that recently began operating in Mogadishu.

Vik Sohonie

Music Historian

Vik Sohonie is the founder of Ostinato Records, which seeks to capture the music of misunderstood cultures that have experienced trauma of displacement. Vik has worked in Haiti, Cape Verde Islands, and recently Somalia to study and preserve music that often sits untouched and inaccessible in archives. He has digitized a significant portion of the Red Sea Foundation music archive, which contains a collection of close to 10,000 recordings, making it the largest Somali archive of its kind.

Qadar ‘Keyo’ Mohamed


Born and raised in Mogadishu, Keyo started his music career singing songs by his favorite Somali artists at local parties and weddings. Audiences loved his voice and often told him he sounded better than the original artists. At age 17, Keyo began writing his own songs and performing them for eager crowds. Keyo first performed at TEDxMogadishu 2014, and has since gone on to national acclaim in Somalia. We are excited to welcome him back to TEDxMogadishu 2017!